Anita Lesko BSN,RN,MS,CRNA

Runtime: 74 minutes


Imagine having a difficult time connecting with people. Every time you reach out, no one seems to be there. Then try keeping a job, when noises, smells, and high volumes of activity, overwhelm you, stopping you from being productive. That is what the world of Asperger’s feels like.

In this film we are exploring the world of Asperger’s from two directions. From a professional clinical point of view as well as from the woman who has authored the book ASPERGER’S SYNDROME: When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade. Anita Lesko has lived with Asperger's and has overcome many of its challenges. This film shares her experiences and insights that individuals with Asperger's and their families can learn from. At first it will open your understanding, and deliver a different perspective, then use it later as a reference tool, to help others. Anita'a goal is that those with Asperger's will look at their lives as a blessing, with many talents and abilities. It is an optimistic film and book that changes the way many feel about this unique gift.